ADPT Series 1 Carbon Watch 38 mm Titanium ADPT-C

October 17, 2023 3:51 pm Published by

The ADPT Series 1 Watches were designed as All Day, Purpose, and Terrain timepieces. Fun, yet functional, they mix great specs and features with cool, contemporary designs. With dials that combine textures and layers with large markers and bold hands, they are stylish, unique, and highly legible. 12-hour, bi-directional, friction bezels add increased functionality when traveling. Color coordinated ADPT US-Made Single Pass straps keep them secure to your wrist.

Featuring a lightweight case made out of titanium, the ADPT Series 1 Watches are comfortable all day long, above and below water with 200m of water resistance. Measuring 38mm x 44mm x 13.5mm thick, their faceted barrel cases are perfectly sized for wrists of all ages and types.

Watches are in stock and ready to ship.

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