Bolt Action Spring Bar Tool, MK I

June 16, 2022 2:40 pm Published by

The Hassler Instruments Bolt Action Spring Bar Tool is manually machined and hand finished to order from stainless steel or brass in a variety of finishes. The tool features a convenient – and satisfying to operate – mid body bolt action design which provides instant access to a Bergeon 6767-AF fine fork spring bar tip. When not in use the tip retracts into the tool body, protecting the tip until your next strap change. A second spring bar tool, with a Bergeon 6767-BF Fine Pin style tip, is accessed by unscrewing the tool end cap. This mini spring bar tool is useful for bracelet clasp resizing or changing straps on watches with drilled lugs.

Each tool includes 2 replaceable Swiss made Bergeon spring bar tips and is discretely hand stamped with its serial number. Contact @hasslerinstruments on Instagram for more information.

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