Marinemaster M-44 Amber Orange

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Breathtaking since 1954:
The Marinemaster is the oldest collection within the whole range of Fortis. Its roots are dating back to the time when real diving watches first established.

Gear Bezel: Made to inspire the wearer to shift down a few gears, the new Marinemaster features the Gear Bezel – the most gripping and functional tool watch bezel ever designed. The M-44 is equipped with a bidirectional Gear BezelTM and features the Fortis Lock System®

A purist construction: Werk 11.
The Fortis Werk 11 Manufacture calibre offers a “weekend-proof” 70-hour power reserve, allowing the wearer to take off the watch on Friday evening and strapping it back on again on Monday morning without having to reset or wind it. If he ever decides to take it off, that is.

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