Paderborn Erbstück

April 11, 2022 5:36 pm Published by

Inspired by the original 55 mm sized observation watches from the 1940s, this collection’s models look as if they have been worn over several generations. The hand made “Erbstück” watch is a one of a kind. Traces of ageing give these timepieces a historic charm that usually can only be found at vintage models.

Laco has developed a unique method to achieve this special look, creating a natural patina on the watches. Scrapes, scratches, discolouration and wear and tear can be reproduced to appear as they do on old originals. All components – case, dial, hands or strap – are aged invidually and by hand, using a work-intensive procedure without mechanical aids, so the ageing looks absolutely authentic and none is alike. This gives the watches the appeal of an historic timepiece, making each one completely unique – as individual and distinctive as its owner!

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