ProPilot Altimeter

April 10, 2023 7:32 pm Published by
In 2014, Oris became the world’s first watch company to introduce a watch that combined an automatic mechanical movement with a mechanical altimeter in a single watch. This year, the innovative ProPilot Altimeter is back, with an upgraded altimeter, a slimmer profile and a lightweight 3D-printed carbon case.
The new watch’s case is in lightweight carbon fibre produced using an innovative process developed and perfected by our partner 9T Labs, a spin-off from the prestigious ETH Zurich university (Swiss Federal Institute of Technology). It houses Calibre 793, a slimline automatic movement with an improved 56-hour power reserve (an increase from its predecessor’s 38 hour power reserve) that sits inside a case 1mm thinner than the original.
The new ProPilot Altimeter has an improved altimeter module, capable of indicating altitude up to 19,700 feet or 6,000 meters (as before, there are two available configurations), where previously the scales topped out at 15,000 feet or 4,500 meters.
These upgrades make the new ProPilot Altimeter one of the highest performing, most innovative watches we’ve ever created.

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