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Every watch collector needs a watch they can wear on more formal occasions. Something that isn’t designed to dive to crazy depths or time laps on a track. No, just a simple, classic design that says “I have good taste.” The recently revived Oris Rectangular does the job with an art deco flair and a decidedly reserved sense of style. Best of all, they aren’t too dressy either, easily fitting in with everyday attire.

The Oris Rectangular features a case that’s 25.5mm wide x 38mm long x 10.3mm thick, making it suited for wrists of various sizes, and always sleek. Rectangular watches have a unique presence on the wrist, forming a clean line from the strap through the case, making them great when you want to wear a watch, but not have it stand out too much, and easily slip under a cuff. The design itself then balances a modest overall look with stepped sides, for an architectural touch.

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