The Original Series One – Champagne

April 4, 2022 9:44 pm Published by

Verified Customer Review: Lane from Colorado: I truly love this watch. The bulk of the value here goes into the dial and finishing in general. Everything from the pebbled leather strap (in a rare cool gray colorway), to the immaculate finishing on the indices and cream dial, it reeks of quality.  Timekeeping wise, the movement is a Swiss auto with a solid 40+ hours of power reserve, so as long as you don’t let it sit for a whole weekend it keeps on trucking. I haven’t had to adjust it at all, so it must be a pretty small variance per day. There are cheaper dress watches, there are ones with a ton of lume or extra complications, but none on the market in this price range seems to have such a quality fit, finish and original design. The latter point is huge as there are plenty of homages out there—but the Series 1 is truly unique. Oh and I almost forgot, the blue hands are gorgeous. Everyone notices that first.

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