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For the Redstone, James Brand worked with rock climber and photographer Savannah Cummins on a truly different knife concept, which is evident even at a glance. Though a bit wild-looking, the Redstone was designed with function and utility first. Fully operable with one hand, it’s easy to open thanks to the oversized thumb hole, and close thanks to the convenient slide TJB Slide Lock. The 2.5” Sandvik 12C27 stainless steel features a drop point design and partially serrated blade, great for everything from slicing an apple to cutting rope.

Meanwhile, the unique “island” grips, made of polypropylene, are based on rock climbing holds, adding traction and allowing for a natural finger rest, so the Redstone won’t slip out of your hand. When not in use, the bent wire clip makes for easy carrying on your belt or pocket, while not adding weight to the overall package, and the removable lanyard enables you to hook it on a carabiner. Featuring a single-piece steel chassis, the Redstone is also built to be durable, and not overly complicated.

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