Windup Watch Shop The Tool Watch Box

October 17, 2023 3:25 pm Published by

You’ve found it! Finally, a watch box designed by watch enthusiasts. The Tool Watch Box is inspired by the classic red toolbox that might have been in your garage, shed or closet growing up. An object designed for utility, it has an undeniable and iconic beauty. With this image in mind, we created the Tool Watch Box as a satisfyingly rugged, yet luxurious solution for storing and displaying your watches at home.

Made of heavy sheet metal, the Tool Watch Box can hold up to twelve watches, all viewable through the thick glass display window. Metal clasps keep the lid secure when closed, and solid metal strong-box handles make moving it around or slipping it into a safe easy. The inner tray is made of mahogany-stained wood. Lastly, the watch pillows are constructed using an appealing gray and black tweed, for a hint of classic menswear aesthetics.

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