Excelsior Park

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Excelsior Park was a proud watch movement company founded by Jules-Frederic Jeanneret in 1866. After a series of changes in ownership and acquisitions, Excelsior Park- Park was added later to appeal to English speaking market – emerged as one of the pioneers of the chronograph, registering its first patent in 1891.

In 1983, however, Excelsior Park fell victim and eventually succumbed to the deadly quartz crisis. A few watch companies tried to resuscitate the brand but to no avail. It would be long until someone would take the reins and bring forth Excelsior Park’s excellent reputation to the forefront once again.

In 2020 inspired by its glorious history, Korius – our company – secured the trademark for Excelsior Park and is now on a mission to bring back the brand to its glory days. With modern technology and innovation, we aim to present timepieces that do not only remind you of its heyday but to let you see Excelsior Park in a brighter brand new light, on your wrist.


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