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Our story is simple. We started Marin Instruments to bring utility back to the tool watch. Regrettably, modern brands tend to emphasize aesthetics, and many watches on the market today are created without any consideration of how design effects function and function influences design. As users of tool watches, we understand it is essential that form follows function.


Tool watches serve a multitude of purposes. They can time your decompressions while diving, calculate your speed in a car, and tell time in multiple locations around the world. They can also be used in everyday situations from cooking food to timing your lunch breaks. As these instruments are built to be multifunctional, it is imperative that they be legible, easy to use, and comfortable to wear. To achieve this, we focus on three important principles when we create our products– purpose, design, and quality.


While we are inspired by the 1960’s and the golden era of exploration, when humans first dove to the bottom of the ocean, walked on the moon, and performed a human heart transplant­­, we are not creating homages or tributes. Our watches are not made for special occasions and weren’t designed to sit on a shelf and collect dust. They are made to be used in the field. They are built for the journey.

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